5 Car Fluids You Should Check for Your Car

Apart from the routine checks to be carried out on the vehicle, frequently checking the levels of the liquids in the car is very important to ensure the good condition of the car. You need to check specifically five fluids: oil, coolant, brake fluid, windshield wiper, and steering fluid (the latter only in some cases).

Five liquids you should check

1. Oil: the oil is responsible for lubricating and protecting the car’s engine, as well as reducing the wear caused by the friction of the different elements. Besides, changing it when indicated by the manufacturer, it is advisable to check its level with some frequency. The ideal is to do it once a month and especially when traveling a long distance. If the vehicle is old, the best option is to check it every two weeks.

Remember that in addition to checking its level, you must also replace the oil when indicated by the manufacturer, as well as replace the filter and check the maintenance book to verify when the rest of the filters (cabin, air, and fuel) should be changed.

Keep in mind that a good oil helps reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and polluting gases and, of course, reduce engine wear. If it is in poor condition and does not change, it can seriously damage the engine.

car fluids

2. Coolant: absorbs the heat generated by the engine and takes it out of the vehicle through the radiator. If it did not check frequently and the levels are very low, it can affect the engine. It must be checked frequently and at each maintenance check. Both oil and coolant must check with the engine cold.

3. Brake fluid: As the brake fluid efficiency decreases, the braking distance lengthens. Due to its importance, it is advisable to check it frequently, if possible several times a year and especially every 10,000 km.

The change of brake fluids must do every two years or as indicated by the manufacturer. Its revision with the cold engine also recommended. Be sure to check the vehicle maintenance manual to certify the brake fluid standard to be used.

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4. Wiper: Although it may seem less important, it is not. The windshield washer fluid helps us to have better visibility when necessary, being especially useful on rainy days or when the glass is very dirty, and the sun is facing. It must check so that it is not missing when it is most needed.

5. Steering fluid: this fluid should only check in cars that have hydraulic or electro-hydraulic power steering, not being necessary for cars with electric steering. Its review is recommended at least once a year.

car fluids

Also, other liquids must take into account, such as the additive in vehicles equipped with an Antiparticle Filter (FAP) or the Adblue in vehicles with SCR (Selective Reduction Catalyst), whose low level causes an increase in polluting gases. Both should be checked for the proper functioning of anti-pollution systems. It is advisable to do it annually or when indicated by the witness in the table. It recommended that in the case of the FAP, the review be carried out by a professional.

We remind you that most of the levels of these liquids can be checked by yourself. However, in the event of any anomaly such as higher or lower levels than normal, the best option is to go to a workshop where a professional can verify in the first person that the car is in good condition and thus confirm the safety of the vehicle and passengers.

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