Ford Fiesta ST Installed European Projector Headlight Assembly

These are my European projector headlight assemblies, I just got them today. They are very sharp there’s an LED strip right down the bottom there projector which uses a H7 halogen bulb. However, I have opted to use my Morimoto two-stroke LED bulbs, I just finished wiring up the LED strip on the bottom. These are the lights the car sitting.

I’ve got the car on let’s put on the parking lights or the running lights whatever you’d like to refer it to and as you can see it works. It’s natural light or natural white LED strip which is perfect because I like is natural the white color is possible and not too cool and not too warm. I think these are perfect and they should match my LED license plate, an interior dome light bulb. Let me turn on my LED headlights now we’ll go to the next switch over for headlights, as you can see from the cut off the pattern on the garage.

I am very happy do to be changing the exchange rate. Let me put on my blinkers here – that way you can see what the blinkers look like they operate like stock, I’ll turn on the hazards the blinkers work as the factory. So those are fantastic everything works as it should. I mentioned you can wire it indifferently if you prefer to have these lights on just with the mission which you could do. If you want to wire it into power wire, if you just want them on for running lights that way you can turn them on and off or you can even wire them into the blinker.

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