Ford Focus IV 2020, the compact sedan rolls

Ford announced that it would not sell the new generation of Focus IV, but these photos could indicate that they are reconsidering it.

Diego Alonso, a member of our Facebook community, has sent us these images of a new generation Focus IV, filming in Irapuato, Guanajuato. The brand announced last April 2018 that it would stop marketing cars in North America to focus on SUVs, crossovers, and pickups.

However, the market is very different, and here are compact. Subcompact sedans are still of the utmost importance, so they left Figo are surely evaluating the possibility of offering the Ford Focus so as not to leave that popular niche unoccupied.

According to INEGI, in our country between January and July 2019, with leaders such as the Nissan Sentra (13,999 units), Chevrolet Cavalier (7,951 units), Volkswagen Jetta (16,396 units), Kia Forte (10,073 units) and Mazda3 (8,501 units ).

With those numbers in mind and needing precisely volume, it seems logical that Ford has considered having a competitor in that segment. Especially one, as expected as the Focus IV, has left good impressions in the countries where it already sold. Thanks to the proper tuning of the suspensions and the solidity of the platform.

After all, we must not forget that Ford knows a thing or two about the development of front-wheel-drive chassis, with the previous Focus, Fiesta, or Fusion as references.

The Focus hatchback is produced in Saarlouis, Germany because it is the most popular body in Europe, while the sedan manufactured in Chongqing, China. It makes sense that Ford thinks only of the sedan because that body is the most popular in our country. And the costs of the Chinese model are lower, allowing them to have a car with complete safety and comfort equipment plus a modern and efficient motor train For a competitive price.

Ford Focus IV 2020

Possible offer

In China, the Focus IV offers an atmospheric 1.5-liter 121 hp engine for the input versions, the same that we liked so much in the Figo and the access versions of the Ecosport , and that would be an interesting proposal to compete with the most accessible in the segment such as the Chevrolet Cavalier or the Dodge Neon.

The most attractive is undoubtedly the 1.5-liter EcoBoost with 170 hp, a state-of-the-art engine that is placed above the 1.4 turbo block of the Jetta (the real equivalent would be the 1.5 TSI Evo, which does not offer here) and is more modern than the 2.0-liter Atkinson in the Kia Forte. It is only behind the 2.5 of 186 hp in the Mazda3, although not by much, and with 179 lb-ft available between 1,750 and 4,500 pm, it would surely have a similar acceleration, especially with the altitude of many cities.

Another good news is that the problematic Powershift dual-clutch transmissions have removed, leaving their place to a more reliable eight- ratio torque converter or six-change manuals, and it upgraded the 194 led bulb for foglight.

Without more, time will tell if the car we captured was an approval unit to bring it to our market, although everything seems to indicate that it is because we can not think of another reason for this car to be rolling on Aztec lands.

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