How to Avoid a Traffic Accident on the Road

Traffic accidents represent 12% of the total work accidents that occurred during 2018. Since 2013, the number of accidents in this area that take place on the road has increased by 34.16%, from 52,129 accidents to 69,938 last year.

In total, the year 2018 has closed with 69,938 occupational traffic accidents with sick leave, 136 deaths, and 113 fatalities ‘on a mission.’ In many cases, many of these accidents are avoidable following a series of recommendations.

As a result of our commitment to occupational road safety and on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we offer ten recommendations that every employee should follow to avoid suffering one of these feared accidents.

Traffic accidents

1. Comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention Plans and Mobility Plans, if the company has them. These plans have analyzed the possible risk factors and how to avoid them.

2. Plan the trips taking into account the traffic situation, weather conditions, possible unexpected situations, and establish alternative routes.

3. The vehicle must be in optimal safety conditions. For this, it must check periodically and always following the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Marathon and intensive days should avoid. It would help if you rested frequently. It is advisable to stop every 200 km or every two hours of driving. It is important to stop driving at the slightest symptom of fatigue.

Traffic accidents

5. Avoid distractions. Of course, do not use the mobile phone and do not manipulate the GPS while driving. It is also advisable not to use the hands-free as much as possible.

6. Use all the protection elements as a seat belt in the case of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, or vans and the helmet in case of using bicycles, motorcycles, or mopeds. It should remember that in the case of going with children, minors with a height of less than 1.35 cm must go with a child restraint system approved for their height and weight and in the rear seats.

7. The speed limits and the safety distance must respect at all times. It is essential to have adequate speed and distance that allows us to react in time and avoid collisions.

Traffic accidents

8. Please comply with the maximum authorized loads for each vehicle and do not overload it because it compromises stability and, therefore, safety. It is very important that the load is well secured and always with a physical separation from the occupants.

9. Respect other road users, especially the most vulnerable. The driver must comply with traffic regulations at all times.

10. Never get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications that may affect your ability to drive and detract from your senses.

It must bear in mind that a traffic accident can occur both during the workday and when going to and from it. Many of these accidents are avoidable and depend heavily on the human factor.

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