How to Avoid Allergy in the Car

Allergy is a disease suffered by millions of people when the good weather arrives. The symptoms of allergy and the effects of medication, negatively influence driving.

The most common symptoms are itchy nose, skin, eyes, tearing, asthma and itchy throat. And it is that all of them can affect driving.

avoid allergy in the car

Data of interest

  • The itchy nose produces more than five sneezes, and each equals 2/3 seconds, which causes can be up to fifteen seconds without paying attention to the road.
  • More than 50% of allergy sufferers suffer some sleep disturbance, which results in negative driving consequences.

The antihistamines used by allergy sufferers have great side effects in driving, whose effect. And it mainly sedative, impairs psychomotor performance. It decreases their ability to reason and memorize and take longer to make a decision.

avoid allergy in the car

What measures must be taken?

  • To minimize risks, reduce exposure to allergens, and also do not self-medicate more than the account.
  • Keep your car’s air filters clean for this summer: you will prevent allergen particles from entering. In Norauto you can try Air Vitality, and thus have the air conditioning cabin completely clean and fresh.
  • Clean the car whenever an animal has transported.
  • The treatment begins two or three days before so that the organism becomes habituated, and thus the side effects are minor.

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