How to Drive in the Foggy Day

A week arrives marked by strong winds and rains with the cyclogenesis ‘Gabriel. ‘ Faced with this storm and in a matter of seconds, the fog can appear drastically decreasing visibility. This result is one of the most complicated situations for the driver, who stops seeing the rest of the users, the signs, and even the road markings. It is here when the fog lights of the vehicle must make their appearance. Lights that are not given much attention throughout the year but must prepare for this type of contingency, especially in winter.

drive in the foggy day

To be ready for these types of situations, which are usually more frequent in the winter season, in mountainous and elevated areas, we offer you a series of recommendations that can help you improve visibility on the road:

  • Check beforehand the correct functioning of the lights, especially fog, both front, and rear. You have to check that the lights do not cast and that they well leveled so as not to dazzle other users.
  • Sometimes it is not given the importance it deserves, but it is important to wear clean glasses. In this way, visibility improved, and glare avoided.
  • Of course, the lights must approve.

drive in the foggy day

  • As soon as the fog appears, the necessary lights should come on. You have to put the front fog lamp or light short range. The front fog light can be isolated or simultaneously with the short-range one. Rear fog lights should use when the fog is dense, and the rain is very heavy, there is heavy snow or dense clouds of dust or smoke. Keep in mind that they are especially annoying for those who go behind.
  • We recommend you follow the rest of the vehicles but always maintaining an adequate safety distance and reducing the speed of everything you need to avoid losing control. The longitudinal and lateral markings of the road can use as a guide.

drive in the foggy day

Remember that going without lighting in situations of lack or decrease invisibility is considered a serious infraction, that is, a fine of 200 euros. If it cannot circulate with the necessary lighting due to use or failure, the speed must reduce until the vehicle stopped within a safe and bright area.

Of course, we recommend you avoid driving in circumstances that may compromise safety. The slightest danger is to park the vehicle in a secluded and safe place on the road.

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