How to Inspect and Change Rear Drum Brakes in Ford Puma?

Brake drums are made of cast iron or cast iron lined aluminum. An important point to keep in mind when checking vehicles for the cause of a rear-wheel lockup condition is that more than one of the above conditions could be present. Whatever matters some is a great way to take a look at it. Always look at the big picture when inspecting the rear drum brake system.

Change Rear Drum Brakes

Drum brakes have a support plate adjustment hole on the behind, but it can be troublesome to make large changes. At this point, it will likely be most effective to remove the drum to turn the star wheel till you hear rubbing when turning the wheel. The backing plate change hole ought to have a rubber plug installed in it. You will remove it to access the star adjuster with the brake spoons for fine-tuning.

Change Rear Drum Brakes

Step one, brake Shoe removal. Begin the brake shoe elimination by recognizing the primary brake shoe spring or springs.

Change Rear Drum Brakes

Step 2, check the remaining padding: If the staying padding is thinner than the thickness of a nickel, you’ll require brand-new pads after a couple of more rides. If the pads are thinner than a dime, change them right away. Insert the new pads into the caliper body the same way they were removed, ensuring that the pads sit completely inside the caliper body. (Warning: Do not touch or spill any fluids on the pads as skin oils or other fluids can cause a loss of braking power.) And on this step, you can inspect the brake light bulb together as well, if your car is used for years, you can change the brake light bulb together, a replacement 912 led bulb is good to use here.

Last, inspect your brakes each time you turn your tires, It is advised that you do this in 6-8000 mile periods. The tires will be off the automobile so it’s the ideal time to look for brake wear. Doing so will keep you familiar with the condition of your brakes and enable you to work any upcoming, brake repair work into your budget plan. It can also avoid worn brakes from going metal-to-metal” which would likely add extra expense when it comes time to carry out the brake repair work.

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