How to Replace Broken Headlights Bulbs on 2002 Ford Focus

If a headlight bulb in the 2002 Ford Focus burns, it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible. Headlights required by law and are important for their visibility, as well as allowing others on the way to see you. Paying a mechanic to change a 9006 headlight for the low beam on your 2002 Ford Focus is not necessary for these minor repairs, as it ends after a few simple steps will allow you to do it yourself.

The modern led headlight kits housing with dimming switches, that help them to regulate the intensity of illumination. It is worth to replace led headlight bulbs with it produces the light intensities. The suitable led bulbs can help you to emit enough light for your driving.

Ford Focus


  1. Open the hood of the Focus. Be sure to use the hood prop to hold the hood open while working.
  2. Pry the six plastic fasteners that hold the splash guard with a flat screwdriver — the shield located above the headlight housing assembly.
  3. Loosen the two screws located at the top of the assembly with a socket wrench.
  4. Pull the assembly forward and exit the car.
  5. Turn the bulb assembly to the left and remove it from the headlight assembly.
  6. Lift the plastic fixing tab on the bulb assembly and remove the used bulb.
  7. Push the new white 9006 led bulb into the socket. It will fit in place.
  8. Replace the bulb assembly in the headlight assembly and turn clockwise to secure.
  9. Reinstall the 9006 headlight assembly. Perform steps 2 to 4 in reverse.


Tips and warnings

  • Do not touch the glass part of the bulb. Hand grease can cause the Focus to burn prematurely.
  • You can make your vehicle energy efficient to save your money. You can buy the led headlight kits to have a try.


The high beam headlight mode can be seen from hundreds of feet away. When there is a weak illumination light, it might replace a new light bulb or some components in the headlight. The reflector headlight should polish in a proper way so that it can redirect all the light rays which are produced from the actual bulb.

LED has been popular in the automotive aftermarket for a while. But some car users prefer to replace them in the reflector headlight, which causes glare for others. So it is important to adjust the light beam pattern after install a led bulb.

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