The Danger of Lack of Sleep While Driving

Getting enough sleep and, also, sleep is restful is very important for good health. On the occasion of Dream Day, we want to emphasize how lack of sleep can affect driving safety. And it is that to drive it is necessary to have all the senses in full operation, something that does not happen if you have not had enough rest.

How does lack of sleep affect driving?

lack of sleep while driving

  • The driver takes longer to react to unforeseen events. For this reason, under its effects, it is very frequent that rear scopes occur. The driver is unable to stop the vehicle on time, and when braking, it is too late.
  • It would cause less concentration and increased distractions. Automatic driving usually arises. It drives without knowing what did. It arises, especially when driving is monotonous or the same route always did.
  • The driver takes longer to process the information, and more mistakes are made, especially in complicated traffic situations.

lack of sleep while driving

  • Sleep affects all the senses, which are depleted but, above all, insight. Vision may become blurred, and glare arises.
  • Those known as microsueños may appear, periods of just a few seconds of driving in which the driver falls asleep slightly. Keep in mind that during this time you can travel many kilometers at very high speeds.
  • The signals, the lights, and even the sounds are worse perceived.
  • The behavior can become more aggressive or more nervous.

It is important to rest properly and with quality sleep. This result should be durable and repairs to ensure that the driver has full capabilities to get behind the wheel. Likewise, it recommended stopping every 2 hours of travel for 20 minutes to avoid the appearance of drowsiness and fatigue. In any case, the vehicle must stop at the slightest symptom of fatigue.

lack of sleep while driving

We also recommend having the vehicle ventilated, avoiding copious meals, and medications that may contribute to the onset of sleep.

Currently, there are technological systems that alert the driver if he loses concentration at the wheel, either due to fatigue or sleep. The fatigue detection system can be included in new vehicles or added to those already in circulation.

In Norauto, you can find sleep, and distraction detector ( Vuemate CDP330a with GPS sensor ) that constantly monitors the driver’s facial gestures by detecting when signs of tiredness, sleep, or distractions are occurring, even using glasses or at night. The device alerts the driver with powerful audible alerts and LED flashes. This way, you can react on time and avoid a possible accident.

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