The Ford Puma Has Arrived and Imagined What ST and RS Variants

X-Tomi Design has returned to play with our feelings to give life to the Puma RS and ST, two possible variants of the last SUV of the American house.


The conception of a sports SUV should no longer surprise us or make us scream in the sky no matter how petrolhead we are. Vehicles such as the Lamborghini Urus or the Porsche Cayenne are responsible for attesting that this pairing is not far-fetched. But what would happen if they try to prove it in the manner of the new Ford Puma? The signature of the oval wanted to revive a mythical surname along with an innovative concept. And features that anticipate a rather sporty dynamic have encouraged the imagination of the designer X-Tomi Design. Who has already shaped the hypothetical Puma ST and in his opinion Puma RS. Appetizing, right?


Sportsmanship is a feature that has always been present inside the American house, something that vehicles such as the Mustang or the Fiesta ST run. With this context and history, it would not be surprising if Ford ventured to give life to a Puma with certain radical gestures. Or without certain ones, endow his new SUV with the ability to bend to his main rivals and even the odd hot hatchbacks.

Ford Puma

To carry out the aesthetics of these two supposed variants of the new SUV, X-Tomi has resorted to the features of the previous Focus RS and the current ST. In this way, Ford’s DNA remains intact despite being faced with two renders, causing the interpretation by the designer to be even more realistic.


In the case of Puma RS, we find very marked lines, much more aggressive and groundbreaking. This is possible thanks to a beehive type panel topped in black and a defense in which two prominent air intakes anticipate the level of performance it could offer. The same effect is generated by the tires, whose design inherited from Focus also causes that bad-boy air.


The effect on the ST variant is very similar; only we can see how the set is softer and cleaner. On this occasion features of the current Focus ST have been taken, which manages to advance part of the sportiness and spicy that the next RS will offer. The mechanical section forces us to carry out certain assumptions. But it would not be absurd to consider that a turbocharged four-cylinder propeller could be responsible for delivering 280 hp. The more “modest” ST is close to 400 hp for the RS. It also housing with a 9005 led bulb for the headlight system, which provides around 6000 lumens on road.


The new Puma has upgraded its hid headlamp into led that has arrived with great force to make use of a surname that, in its day, gave life to a small coupe, a type of segment closer to sportsmanship. However, the idea of ​​this SUV with certain benefits is not negligible. What separates us from both variants? So far, they are only the result of imagination.

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