The Guide to change Headlight Bulb on Ford Fiesta (Step By Step)

When the brightness of factory headlight bulb goes down, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new pair. It is easy and just will take your time within 1 hour, but definitely will improve the driving vision and increase the secure at night driving. Here is the step by step guide to tell you how to change the headlight bulb on Ford Fiesta.


Remove Headlight Housing

  1. open the driver’s door, and pull the bonnet release handle,

2. lift the safety catch and open the bonnet.

3. unclip the prop and support the bonnet;

4. pray up the center pin and lever out the plastic rivets securing the front panel to the headlight;

5. remove the upper and lower headlight retaining Torx screws;

6. leave it out the clip and disconnect the wiring plug;

7. lift up the headlight to release the lower mounting lug, then remove the headlight;


Dipped Beam Bulb Replacement

8. you pull the rubber cover from the rear of the headlight;

9. rotate the bulb holder anti-clockwise, and pull it from the reflector;

10. gently prize the bulb from the holder;

11.taking care not to touch the bulb glass with bare skin, press the bulb into the holder,

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12. insert the bulb and holder into the reflector, then rotate it clockwise slightly to secure it;

13. refit the rubber cover;


High Beam Bulb Replacement

14. rotate the cover clockwise at the base of the headlight and remove it,

15. release the clips and withdraw the bulb from the reflector,

16. pull the wiring plug from the bulb terminal,

17. taking care not to touch the bulb glass with bare skin, press the bulb terminal into the wiring plug,

18. put the bulb into the reflector, ensuring the locating tabs are correctly seated in the cutouts;

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19. secure the bulb with the retaining clips,

20. refit the cover and rotate it clockwise to secure it,

Install back Headlight Housing

21. put the headlight into position, ensuring the lower mounting lug engages correctly,

22. reconnect the wiring plug,

23. insert the lower and upper retaining screws and tighten them securely;

24. insert the plastic rivet, then press down the center pin,

25. clip the prop back into place,

26. firmly close the bonnet and check it’s secure.


Finally, Turn on the headlight and check if it works.

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