The Guide to Change Headlight Bulbs on a Ford Focus 2000

The factory bulbs only have incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs without any other options. But now, in some modern bulbs, they can feature led to improve the illumination. These LED bulbs consist of more components and are more helpful to enhance the poor visibility on the road.

The 2000 Ford Focus was named one of the top 10 cars in 2000 by Car and Driver magazine. Driving your Focus at night with non-working headlights can cause an accident on the road; however, it is not necessary to take the car to the Ford dealer to change the h1 headlights.

It is time to have a try to change your headlight. This guide is an easy task that you can do yourself without tools. Just follow the guide you can finish it in a few time.

Ford Focus


  • Turn off the engine and open the hood. Also, make sure the headlight goes out.
  • Turn the focus cover counterclockwise from inside the engine compartment.
  • Remove the bulb cover.
  • Push the wire clip aside. It is under the headlight bulb.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Remove the non-working bulb directly from the power outlet.
  • Push the new low beam h1 led bulb.
  • Reconnect the electrical connector of the bulb.
  • Replace the bulb cover and secure it by turning it clockwise.

Ford Focus


After the led installation finished, when I see the light emitted by the LEDs, I do prefer the white led lights, because they are good at producing light. The lights easily slip into the back of the reflector. It is easy to lock down the reflector with 2 spring clips that are known to all of us with existing led running lights. Ultimately, many cars and trucks are designed with HIDs, the traditional halogen lights trail a distant third and are fading. But on the other side, LEDs are slowly growing because of their benefits and they can reduce the cost through mass production.

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