The Guide to Install a LED Headlight in Ford Fiesta ST180

Today we’re gonna be putting in my newcuk headlights that full LED tip. It’s probably one of the most simplest mod can ever do. Just got to take out a headlight and then sorted to remove the headlight.

Use a Torx bit or flat-head screwdriver to get the screw out and then use it across head, we’re gonna release to loose the screw free up and take them out. The headlights screws and bolts are all down, just got put it up and pop straight out. Don’t forget to disconnect this looks really simply, push in there’s a button and pull that out, it was quite hard to burn it tuck handed.

Got the H7 LED headlight to replace them with a new one. You will see the bulbs plugged in and it this comes out the same way. Actually, twist it, it pulls out. but you’ll have a little bit into that so that’s just exactly way just twist and pull and your bulb will come out and just disconnect it from here.

It’s got lights off like a little ball joint where this spins, push it up from the top.

Locate this pin little bit into there so we just need to figure out what weight goes wrong, the little Clips might just need bending back and bending back over, push these clips or just over and you’ll see it just sits over and grips it.

Get the led and then just pop it straight in through the hole, and it loses that ball mechanism to lock into place.

Plug that into there tuck the wires down, I’m going to connect this up, then I’m just gonna reverse what I just did we’re putting the headlight in exactly the same and do the other side. There’s nothing different a ninja put it back reverse really simple. Free bolts of free screws, and plug and play.

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