The Mild Hybrid System of Ford Puma Titanium X

The new Ford Puma Titanium X will be available with Mild Hybrid technology and interchangeable and washable seat covers.

The Oval has shown before the next Frankfurt Motor Show its new Titanium X Ford Puma. The new Puma Titanium X is the first Ford model. That features interchangeable and washable seat covers will help customers keep the top-notch interior feel like new, as well as being the first in its segment. It offers lumbar massage seats for maximum comfort in movement.


Ford Puma Titanium X

According to the brand itself, «among the new and sophisticated technologies included in this model as standard can be found the wireless recharge for smartphone devices, tailgate with hands-free opening, and first-class B&O sound system. The Puma Titanium X also incorporates some details and finishes in exteriors and interiors that finish completing the seductive design of the model ».

Roelant Waard, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Services of Ford, said: “as in the new Ford Puma ST-Line X, our new model Ford Puma Titanium X has its own identity.” “Standard technologies that we usually see only in large executive cars provide extraordinary comfort to customers of compact crossovers .”

The new Ford Puma combines a white 1156 led bulb exterior design with large cargo space and mild hybrid technology for customers in Europe. As a novelty, the evolved SUV equips removable and washable seat covers. According to the blue oval brand, integrate an elegant system of zippers can allow them to be easily removed using only one hand.


Ford Puma Titanium X

Ford Puma Titanium X, presented before its debut in Frankfurt

In addition, the new front seats offer lumbar massages that aim to activate the muscles on the fly and help to make the trips more relaxing. «Simply press a button to activate the three massage cushions in the electronically adjustable seats that allow you to choose the direction of rotation and the intensity of the massage from the three levels available. The inflatable cushions also activate the incremental adjustment of the upper, central, and lower areas of the seatback. Helping the driver and the front passenger to adjust the position of their seat for greater comfort ».

The interior of the new Ford Puma Titanium X features a steering wheel with leather effect. The appliques are imitating wood around the instrument panel and the center console, insertions of current fabrics inside the doors. For the headlamp, use with 7″ led headlight to upgrade the lighting. “We wanted to enter the Puma Titanium X as pleasant and comforting as entering the house, so we used colors, details, and execution of the interior finishes. That reflected that environment,” says Sonja Vandenberg, Chief of colors and materials design from Ford.


The system offers without any extra cost compatibility for the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With a 575-watt sound system of extraordinary quality composed of a combination of 10 B&O speakers that dynamically adjust to ensure a surround audio experience regardless of what seat to occupy.


Ford Puma Titanium X

As far as the exterior is concerned, the new version mounts pronounced wheel arches, 18 ″ alloy wheels, and ten pearl gray spokes. The front offers its own identity with black gloss enamel finishes and chrome accents. In the rear, you can see a large diffuser of the same color as the car.

Ford Puma Titanium X, now mild hybrid

The new Ford model equips a powertrain with mild hybrid technology of the brand that aims to improve fuel efficiency. The EcoBoost Hybrid technique optimizes the 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine with an integrated belt starter/generator (BISG) of 11.5 kW. This system allows the recovery and storage of energy normally lost during braking and deceleration; A 48V lithium-ion battery is charged with it. The BISG also acts as a propellant, integrating with low-friction tricylindrical mechanics, and using stored energy to provide extra torque during normal driving and acceleration. In addition to operating the vehicle’s secondary electrical devices.

With variants of 125 and 155 hp, the mild hybrid system, intelligent and self-regulated, can also use the battery to provide torque, reducing the workload required of the gasoline engine. This achieves an improvement of up to 9% in fuel efficiency, according to WTLP analysis. It can supplement the torque that comes from the mechanics to improve the performance of the Puma.

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