Tips to Adjust The Car Headlight of Ford Puma

Ford Puma is a strange entity. Once loved, then ridiculed, then completely forgotten, the Puma has, in many ways, filled the space in society’s memory that the station sedan once they did. And in the late 90s, Ford vehicles are distinguished as one of the main examples of the breed. Reliable as anything else on the road, versatile in a way that many modern vehicles are not; Part-time transportation, full-time motel, and a comfortable place for five adults, which is a bit difficult to justify not owning at least one. But, no matter where you take your Puma, it won’t go far if you can’t see where it is going.

Ford Puma


Look for a white wall. When you find your wall, throw to the wall, and get your Puma oriented at a perfect angle of 90 degrees to it. Glue the chain to the sidewalk in front of the front tire of your truck. Pull the chain about 30 feet back, tilting so that you brush the sidewalls of the tires both in the front and rear. Keep the rope taut, tape down to the parking lot about 25 feet away from the rear bumper of your truck.

Place a chalk mark on the wall just above the center of each headlight housing (which marks the horizontal orientation) and just outside the center of each headlight housing (which marks the vertical orientation). Turn the Puma up, seeing its reference chain line, and keeping the tires the same distance from the chain. Keep backing up to the rear line stickers until the end of the chain; Now, you perfectly aligned to the wall, and 25 feet away from it.

Ford Puma

Return to the wall, and tape a chain length so that your orientation marks run horizontally vertical (the height mark you placed next to each light). Paste in place to give it a “horizon line.” Tie a weight to the end of a four-foot long-chain period. Fishing weights work well for this, but nothing will work as long as the line weighs down. Hold your new plumb line over the horizontal orientation mark that you placed on the 9004 led bulbs. The plumb line will cross the horizon line chain. Draw a cross or an “X” on the wall where the two chains meet. Repeat on the other side; Now you have your 9004 led bulb for car headlight incorrect position.

Make sure you have half a fuel tank or less and place a weight on the driver’s seat equivalent to yours. Or, simply, that someone feels in place while adjusting the lights. Look at the top and outside edges of its sealed beam headlights; you will see Phillips head screws flew over and next to the 9004 headlights. The upper screw adjusts the vertical, and the lateral screw adjusts the horizontal.

Turn on the lights on the low beam, and turn the adjusting screws. So that the point of greatest intensity of the light falls about an inch below its target marks. Tighten the upper screw raises the beam while loosening the screw lowers it. Tighten the side screw pulls the headlight light outward, while loosening sends the headlight light inward towards the center. Once you have adjusted your 9004 car headlights, turn the high beams on; They should focus on either the reference mark or about an inch above it.

Ford Puma

Tips and Warnings

If you are particularly civic-minded, you could adjust your white 9004 car headlights so that they centered around an inch to the right of your reference marks. This result will help prevent accidentally blinding the drivers that come in front with the high beams. And, even if you are more interested in self-preservation of public services, it is always worth remembering: if an approaching driver cannot see the road, then he cannot see the yellow line.

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