Tips to Change Headlight Kits on a Ford Puma

If the bulbs burn in your Ford Puma, you should replace them immediately. Here you will learn how to change a 9005 led headlight bulb on a Ford Puma. With a small mechanical tilt and one or two tools, you can change the bulb in about 10 minutes.

The Puma was the main compact sedan of Ford Motor Company for much of 1997-2001. And Ford company release a new version of Ford Puma in 2019, which is an SUV. The old version Puma equipped with halogen bulbs that shine farther, farther, and last longer than their sealed beam predecessors.

Ford Puma

How to replace a headlight on a Ford Puma

To change the 9005 led bulbs of this minivan, you only need common tools, which you can have in your home and follow the next seven steps.

  1. Remove the screws that secure the headlight bezel to the Puma with a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the cutout.
  2. Then you must proceed to remove the headlight fastening screws with the Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Pull the headlight assembly out, away from the front of the Puma. Disconnect the cable set from the back of the headlight assembly by hand.

Ford Puma

4. Now you must remove the lamp holder from the back of the headlight assembly. You may have to start it with a pocket screwdriver. Remove the bulb from the back of the headlight assembly with your hand.

5. Proceed to insert the new halogen bulb into the back of the headlight and push the clamp clip into position. Do not touch the bulb glass with your hand, since the oils in your skin can damage the bulb.

6. In this step, you must plug the cable set into the new 9005 bulbs and return the headlight assembly to its place.

7. Finally, reinstall the headlamp fastening screws, the bevel adjustment screws, and the adjustment bevel screws, noting how you did the removal.

Ford Puma

The passenger side bulb is easy to replace without removing the wiper fluid reservoir. First, remove the original halogen bulb and disconnect it from the socket. Then, insert the connector into the socket and switch the new LED headlight bulb into the housing and then it is done.

Since you know how to change a headlight on a Ford Puma, you have to try the new low beam 9005 headlight and continue with your daily life.

In fact, I have seen the high beams are less brighter than their low beams. The reason is that the light produced from the reflector is scatted all over the place. To switch led bulbs in the reflector can make the low beams brighter in every time. It also enhances the visibility to some extend.


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