Tips to Replace Headlight Bulb in 2000 Ford Puma

High beam and low beam headlights are essential for night driving. If the headlight bulbs on your 2000 Ford Puma burn, replace them immediately. Without headlights, your Windstar is insecure and illegal to operate at night or during inclement weather. While many car repair shops can replace the h3 led headlight bulb for you for a nominal fee, anyone with mechanical aptitude can change the h3 headlight on a 2000 Ford Puma in less than 15 minutes, saving the fee and inconvenience.

Before installing a new led bulbs in your headlight, make sure the reflectors and housing cover is clean. A light output could be absorbed if you did not have a clean housing cover that the surface is covered in layers of moisture and dirt. If the light bulb in the left reflector of the low beam, the bulb in the right bulb should be changed as well.

Ford Puma


  1. Open the hood and move in front of the h3 headlight bulb needs to be changed. Take the two retaining pins on the back of the headlight assembly and pull up until you release the headlight assembly from its mount.
  2. Pull the headlight assembly forward to expose the halogen bulbs and the socket on the back of the assembly.
  3. Pull the wiring harness out of the old bulb with your hand.
  4. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise with your hand. This step will allow you to throw away the old bulb.
  5. Please insert the new h3 led light bulb and snap it in place by turning the retaining ring clockwise until it clicks into place. Connect the harness to the new bulb. Never touch the glass part of the new lamp, as this will cause it to burn instantly due to the natural oils of the skin that overheat when the bulb lit.
  6. Slide the headlight assembly into place and insert the retaining pins into position. Test the headlights before driving your 2000 Ford Puma to verify that they work as intended.

Ford Puma

When you buy the LED bulbs, they are basically the same as the ones that were already in your vehicle. Thus, you should not purchase the cheapest replacement kits. These cheap led bulbs can save your money, but you will get low brightness and short lifespan as a result. In the long term, it is better to spend a few extra dollars to get good quality bulbs. Something should be mentioned for you, the little cage of the cooling fan housing on the led bulbs is bigger than the OEM H3 led bulb. As a result, it actually touches the inner surface of the housing.

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